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Storm Water Management Board

The Storm Water Management Board oversees the city’s storm water and drainage usage and rates for the City of Lebanon.

Appointments and Terms

According to Ordinance No. 90-8 dated June 11, 1990:

Appointment and Terms of the Storm Water Management Board:

There will be three directors serving staggered three year terms.  Not more than two directors of the Department of Storm Water Management shall be from the same political party as provided by Indiana law.

Purpose of the Storm Water Management Board:

The board is created for the purpose of providing for the collection, disposal and drainage of storm and surface water and the relieving of sanitary sewers of such water in a special taxing district which is also hereby expressly created pursuant to that chapter of Indiana law.  The department shall be administered by the City of Lebanon, Department of Strom Water management, a newly created branch of the civil City’s government.

The Board of Storm Water Management, after approval by the Common Council of the City of Lebanon, Indiana, in appropriate ordinance form, may:

  1. Assess and collect user fees from all of the property of the storm water district for the operation and maintenance of the storm water system.
  2. Issue and sell bonds of the district in the name of the numicipality (City of Lebanon, Indiana) for the acquisition, construction, alteration, addition or extension of the storm water collection and disposal system or for the refunding of any bonds issued by the Board.
  3. User fees shall include but not be limited to bonds, service rates, revenue bonds, or any other available funds.

Upcoming Meetings

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